Mandolin Family

My mandolins are inspired by classic early 20th century American instruments. I make a carved A style, an asymmetrical two-point model and an F style mandolin. String length is the standard 13.875" scale or a classical 13" scale can also be used. 

They can be built with an oval soundhole or f-holes.  Soundboards are spruce, sitka or englemann with an option of King Billy Pine from Tasmania or Bunya pine from Queensland. Bodies can be made from American maple or a range of Australian timbers such as Tasmanian blackwood, Tiger myrtle, Blackheart sassafras, Tulip satinwood and Huon pine.

 Fretboards are ebony or rosewood with a carbonfiber/epoxy bar in the neck for stability. A range of tailpiece and tuner options is offered. Binding is tortoise celluloid or ivoroid, although timber binding is an option.

Mandolas are offered in a 16.5" and 18.5" scale. The 18.5" scale instrument is five frets longer than a mandolin, so can be used with standard mandolin strings using a Daeb' tuning, which can be good for Celtic music accompaniment. 

Mandocellos can be made with four or five courses (adding an extra d or e string) using the type 3 bouzouki body built a little deeper to get the most of the the low C string or a large teardrop shape. A variety of scale lengths are offered. 

Prices start from A$2400 for a carved mandolin. 

Call or email for details of what may be currently available. 

On the right, from top to bottom: an F-5 style, in Sitka and blackwood; an A-5 from Sitka and osage orange; a two point of Englemann and blackwood, inspired by a Lyon & Healy model from the 1920s, the latest (2020) in the  King Billy &  Huon pine oval hole mandolins and another King Billy & Huon mandolin inspired by a Lyon & Healy Style G mandolin from the 1920s.

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