The Bouzouki Book

The Bouzouki Book is a comprehensive workshop manual on building Irish bouzoukis and citterns, it leads the builder step by step through the procedures amd techniques involved in a building these instruments.

It was published in 2004 as a wire spiral-bound book with over 120 pages, with more than 200 photos and diagrams and a fold-out plan section with all the necessary templates as well as a foreward by Andy Irvine. My friends at Luthiers Mercantile and the Newberg Music Center have a few copies left and they will be happy to sell you one.

Otherwise the book is now available as an ebook (in epub format) for $9.99 and as a print-on-demand publication, distibuted by Independent Publishers Group, through Amazon and other book-sellers. The ebook is designed for use on an ipad, to be read using iBooks, which is a free download from the Apple app store, though it is a in generic epub format and all epub readers should able to open the file. Calibre is a good tool for converting or opening epub files and reading ebooks on a computer rather than an ereader device.

The ebook that can be purchased through the PayPal button below comes as a zip folder that includes the plans as an extra pdf. Once the PayPal transaction is done you will be re-directed to a page with a link to the download, which is 6Mb.

The ebook is also available through Barnes & Noble for their Nook e-reader, but a Kindle version looks unlikely. If you are desperate for a Kindle version please contact me. For those sales the pdf of the plans will need to be downloaded here.

The chapter on moulded soundboards has been omitted from the ebook and is available as a pdf download here for those interested.

The first chapter can be downloaded as a .pdf here, Andy Invine's Foreward can be downloaded here and the (original) Contents page can be downloaded here.

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